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An overflowing bin or a skip is an unsightly feature of many a street. A skip may also be a nuisance for passing drivers and pedestrians, as well as a temporary eyesore. Overflowing bins and loose bin bags can attract pests and make streets or gardens untidy.  Sometimes, this may be caused by confusing bin collection dates or having more of one kind of refuse than usual. If you are faced with similar dilemmas, our waste clearance service may be the answer.

We at Cotswold Contractors offer an efficient waste clearance service throughout Gloucestershire. We can deal with household, agricultural, and electrical waste. Size doesn’t matter, whether you wish to dispose of old electrical goods or builders’ rubble.  Our versatility is due to our wide-ranging experience in garden maintenance, groundworks and fencing installation. Everything is done to suit your requirements.

Cotswold Contractors are able to offer waste clearance services to households and local businesses. We can cover any building type from a modest bungalow to farmsteads, industrial units, and factories. With a quick turnaround time, we can collect your refuse then dispose or recycle it, in an ecologically-friendly way.

Your refuse, collected for recycling or safe disposal

Cotswold Contractors are able to safely dispose or recycle the following items, and offer the following services:

  • Electrical Goods: under the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive, we can recycle your electrical goods or electronic gadgets – for example: CRT televisions, washing machines, and personal computers.
  • Builders’ Rubble: loose brickwork, blockwork and roofing tiles;
  • Garden Waste Removal: recycling services and composting solutions;
  • Bulky Waste Collection: in no time at all, we can offer the safe removal of bulky items. If you need to shift more than, say six items, Cotswold Contractors will come to your rescue;
  • Commercial Waste Clearance: we are able to shift any industrial refuse related to your company’s activities (contact us for more details);
  • Rubbish Clearance: bins overflowing, or a missed collection date? We can lighten the load.

We have no set prices as everything is based around your specific requirements. There is no minimum charge, nor maximum number of collections. If you are satisfied with our free no-obligation quote, we shall arrange a suitable time to offload your refuse.

For speedy waste clearance services, why not talk to us?

With over a decade’s experience in the Cotswolds, our family-owned business has a wealth of local knowledge that is beyond comparison.  Our knowledge of the Cotswolds and the rest of Gloucestershire gives us a special affinity with its picturesque hills, cottages and pastoral setting. This is why we have a solid base of new and returning customers.

If you have any further queries, or would like a free no-obligation quote on our waste clearance services, just click the Contact Us link and fill in our Quick Response form. You may prefer to call us on 01666 734034