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Fencing services image by Jennay Hitesman (via Shutterstock).


Whether we need to secure our livestock, horses, homes or cars, there is no defence from a lack of fence. No clear boundaries either; nowhere to stop your cows from straying or your sheep from absconding. Or your possessions from going missing.

A fence needn’t be too obtrusive either. In the Cotswolds where thousands upon thousands take to the hills or its villages, a balance between security and respecting its immediate surroundings is imperative. This is where we come in.

Secure Yet Aesthetically Pleasing

Any fencing fitted by Cotswold Contractors strikes a neat balance between security and aesthetics. Our styles include traditional timber panel fencing good for the home as well as farm buildings, in traditional and decorative forms.

We also offer a wide range of gates. Again, designed to suit households, farmers and agricultural uses. For 4x4s, bipeds and our four legged friends.

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